Boxing is an all body workout which is accessible to all ages. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete you can achieve great benefits from the sport of boxing. Proven to build upper body strength as well as improving hand-eye coordination, boxing is also wonderful for losing weight, toning and improving balance. Along with the benefits of fitness it has proven beneficial in increasing confidence and even helped those suffering from stress. 

Manuel has a long background in boxing and Martial Arts. He has trained people from all walks of life from novices to children to operatives in the security/night club industries.

Come in and give it a try, you may leave feeling a little more confident than when you walked in!

Weight Training and Fitness


At Pro Body we provide decades of experience on a one on one basis to reach your fitness goals. With a fully functional commercial gym, we will help you on the journey to get the results you want. No gimmicks we simply specialize in traditional but safe weight training methods to help you tone up, lose weight or increase your strength. ​

Pro Body is a Private Personal Training Studio. That means you will not have to wait for equipment or compete with others for the machines you want. Our philosophy is to achieve results through proven tested methods! If our trainers don't  do the exercises then you wont either! 



ME, movement & energy, Pilates Personal Training is your New Pilates workout. Enjoy the challenge of Pilates private personal training catered just for you - tailored to your body and your specific needs in a private studio space. Sessions are 45 minutes to 1 hour in duration and use a combination of reformer, stability chair and Pilates arc to give you plenty of variety, working your entire body.​

Pilates is for everyone. Whether you are just getting started, rehabilitating from injury, an athlete or you would just like to try something new I look forward to meeting you.


Sharon has many years of experience and would love to start you on your Pilates journey.

Pro Body


Tough love is certainly central and pivotal in achieving the results our clients have aimed for. However we also pride  ourselves in using safe and scientific training methods that not only achieve results but also lessen the possibility of injury.

At Pro Body above all we like to ensure that our clients feel safe and welcome in our studio. Fitness and training must be balanced across a health lifestyle. We try our best to guide you to not only achieving your fitness/health goals but also in turn achieving life balance in your daily life. A healthy body tends to lead to a healthy mind!